Want Booking on your website?

New Free Consultation booking.

Lupin Media have now implemented a booking system that allows customers to book a slot for a Free consultation phone call to discuss any enquiries.

Could I have booking on my site?

With this new booking system in place it showcases what services we can provide. For example if your business is Personal Training, the booking system on your site could make it easy for clients to book their Day, Time and Location. Once they confirm there booking you will be notified and event can be setup to automatically be added to your google calendar!

What features are available?

  • Calendar integrations with Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook and iCloud.
  • Schedule unlimited events
  • Event types
  • Pooled availability options for teams (round robin, collective scheduling, multiple team members on one page)
  • Group events (for tours, webinars, classes, etc.)
  • Automated event notifications.
  • Customisable email notifications and reminders.
  • SMS notifications.
  • Add links to event confirmation pages.
  • Invitee redirect.
  • Metrics and reporting.

chris ramsay

why not give it a try….. Schedule time with me

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